Last night I dreamt that I was checking out the basement of my parent’s new house. It was a duplicate of the upstairs. I couldn’t understand why they needed two kitchens. I was opening up cupboards and found some great pottery I wanted to take home. One cupboard was full of nothing but gallons of oil for the commercial size deep fat fryer sitting next to the extra stove and sink. One cupboard had a pack of cigarettes and fishing lures. Then I was putting the baby down for a nap and realized that I smelled poop. I went to change her diaper but she wouldn’t lay still. There was poop everywhere but in her diaper. I was covered in it. I took all my poopy clothes off trying to get away from it but somehow it was still all over me. The baby was naked and covered in poop too. The bedroom door was open and I knew that I couldn’t get it all cleaned up and that everyone could see me, it was just a matter of time.