I’m so exhausted. Spent the weekend with my kids.

Drove home and thought, “I have got to learn to leave their problems behind me.” HA. Like that will ever happen. I so badly want them to make good choices and to be happy. I don’t want them to suffer, even though I truly believe that it’s the suffering that builds our character. It’s the suffering that helps us to recognize the happy moments.

I watched my, 3 year old, granddaughter dancing to Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’, in her princess dress.  She’s just living in the moment and feeling the music and I’m over processing and wondering what her life will be like and if she’ll remember this little place in time where she had no worries, just the music and the dancing and the confidence to just do what feels good.

The ‘voice’ that over processes everything and everyone and every situation like if I roll it around in my head enough times I can change the outcome. I know that’s ridiculous and yet I can’t make it stop. I wear myself out with all the words and unsolved problems that are constantly flowing through my brain.

What’s my Journey all about? I sit here in judgment of the lives and choices that other people make when I make bad choices for my Body & Life every single day.  I feel change.