Vegetable Kale SoupVegetable kale white bean turmeric soup aka: dinner.

So Boyfriend says: “Woman! Am I the only one still eating this?”

I say, “Still? I had a few sips…”

He looks at me crossly. Looks back at Dinner and says, “It’s not bad. Flavors ok. It just needs. Well something. Maybe a little more protein. Beans or meat or something. Maybe not that weird textured vegetable. What is that by the way”.

We both peer into the bowl, as if it may tell our future,

I’m like “ummm which one?” Haha.

He’s like “Maybe, and this is just a suggestion, but maybe we could not make so much of these ‘soups’ so I’m not eating them by myself for a month”.

Hahahah silly man. He makes me laugh so hard.

Seriously though.  26 Days.  No Alcohol, only one Subway Cheat, 4 Icecream cheats and well I’ve completely fell off the no coffee wagon.  As soon as the real beans are gone I’m just going to go buy decaf.  This whole thing has to be sustainable.  I need even pretend coffee.

That weird gross eczema spot on my thigh is GONE.  The bloaty is GONE.  I think I can hear my Liver and Intestines sending me a quiet thank you for the vacation.

I’m not sure what my weight is.  I’ve avoided the scale because I don’t want to be set back by major disappointments.

I’d like to say I feel wonderful but I think my body is detoxing.  I’ve had headaches and my lower back feels like I was beaten with a bag of oranges.  Not that I would totally know what that feels like, just what I assume it would feel like.

Oddly, I’ve only wanted to drink once and it wasn’t because I craved alcohol it was because I knew it would make the pain in my back go away.  I didn’t.  I did stretches and curled up on the couch with my new friend ‘Ice’ and watched Netflix.

I get married seven days from today.  I wish I was 50lbs thinner.  Not going to beat myself up to much, just going to aim for a healthier thinner me a year from now.

I am actually really excited and less terrified to see what the doctor has to say in August.  Bring it on Beetch  I got this.

Btw:  I’ve discovered that Kale cooked is actually slightly edible.  Uncooked was like laying in the front yard and mowing with my tonsils.  I think I can do Kale.  I am not afraid.

Last night I dreamt I was working at Napa and the customers were lined up to the door.  I couldn’t get the till to work so I went to the back corner and asked to be taught how to bartend.  They only had about 6 bottles of liquor so I was in the process of deciding which mixed drinks Napa should start serving.  Then I had to go pee and went in to use the bathroom.  The women’s bathroom was a little box out in the middle of the store that you had to unfold and climb in.  One side was totally exposed to the customers.  I had to pee so bad.  I kept walking around the box trying to decide how to get in and pee without anyone seeing me.  I realized it was not possible.  Someone was going to see me.  It didn’t matter.  I had to pee to bad to care what anyone thought.  It felt so good.