Epic Protein


Today I cracked open one of the 5 bags of Sprout Living Epic Protein powder that I ordered off of Amazon Monday (thank you Amazon for the pic).  I’m not sure if my plan was to eat nothing but Epic for the next week or what.   I certainly should.

The ingredients seem amazing, and include all sorts of supposedly healthy things that I’ve never heard of, like  Sachi Inchi.  WTH?  How can I be 46 and never heard of this Peruvian hairy leaved mountain peanut full of goodness and multiple health benefits?

The obvious answer is that I don’t live in Peru… and well, I’ve eaten like shxx for the last decade.

I want to like this Epic Powder but it tastes like vanilla chalk.  The flavor is great… the texture not so much.

I’m going to be healthy and drink it anyway because it seems like a really good idea.