Blood tests back today.

Two months of eating and drinking ‘mostly’ happy liver foods and I couldn’t be more relieved and encouraged to continue down this path to keep losing weight, eating Green and Whole and eliminating sugars & processed anything.    Next step is to get MOVING with the two stick things I usually have curled under me!

If I could give just ONE recommendation to anyone who is still on the fence about a healthier Lifestyle;  have your doctor run a few blood tests, do a few scans and basically scare the holy living crap right out of you.  Apparently, its the language I speak.




6/15/2015: AST – 120   ALT – 151

8/17/2015: AST – 27   to ALT – 40

(Goal AST – 34 / ALT 50)


Blood Pressure:

6/15/2015:   135/90

8/17/2015:   118/70 J

(Goal 120/75 or less)


Weight Loss:

6/15/2015:   214lbs J

8/17/2015:   204lbs

(Goal 165)



113  still 113   L

(Goal is 70-100)