I’ve lost my mind with this stuff.

Note:  Longer is not always better.

Younique 3 Before and After

My little ‘Younique Problem’ started when I convinced myself that I was dying of liver disease and must experience everything wonderful in the world.  I now have a $7,000.00 credit card to pay off.  Not all Younique and Arbonne, but a good chunk of it is.

Husband came home and sheepishly says,”Hey baby, I bought a riding lawn mower”.  And I replied with, “Oh thank God.  I bought a box of Younique Makeup, we are even now”.

My review of the Younique line is not wholly based on the spidy eyeball shown above.  I do like the product and of course didn’t just order a few things from a friend.  I signed up to jump on board the Pyramid train and sell sell sell.  My Facebook Feed has not been the same since.  It’s deluged with hundreds of beautiful women rolling on their faces and becoming caricatures of what they once were.

It their defense;  When you have an entire line of foundations, powders, lotions and hundreds of eyeshadows … it can happen.  None of the colors really stand on their own.  You have to mix and match to get anything close to your skin tone.  It’s a science project best completed after the morning pot of coffee and not a second before.

The mascara is wonderful if you are willing to buy the $20 makeup remover pads to get it off.  A person might just want to have a pack of this stuff around anyway, as it removes permanent marker.  From your face.  Which should happen never.

It is also Gluten Free.  I have yet to understand why this might be important for something you don’t plan on eating.  Apparently, it is. Every morning my Facebook Feed confirms it.  Multiple times.

Completely unrelated to Gluten Free Makeup;

How to Become Gluten Intolerant (Funny) – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 1… (I may need less coffee… he made me laugh until I was shaking.  Wait.  Hmmm.  Yes, it may be the coffee.  I was getting ready for Makeup Call).