My 3 year old/new car is possessed and has been back to the shop 3 times since I purchased it less than a month ago.  The worst of which is that it appears I have a running aquarium on four wheels.

First time it rained the water poured in from the emergency brake and soaked my left foot.    The ‘Service Department’, and I use air quotes here because I’m not sure which part of that terminology they even comprehend, wanted to send it home because A.) Water Leaks aren’t covered under the warranty and B.) There’s been a miracle of some kind and they can’t seem to find a leak and believe the car has healed thyself.

I have logged countless hours kindly negotiating the repairs, of which usually start and end with some Mediative Deep Breathing exercises so I can not go completely apeshit on these people.

I did fine when they stranded me at the local airport, for almost two hours, because they mistakenly thought that was where the rental car location was.  I did fine when I had to describe in painful detail where the water was coming into the car, to every confused person in the service department and then to my salesman and then to the financial manager and then to the owner of the dealership,  so that they could all agree how to approach the problem.  I did fine when I explained for the umpteenth time how the Air conditioner blasts you into the backseat when you least expect it.  I did fine when I explained that the car keeps telling me the gas cap is missing when it’s obviously not.  I patted myself on the back many times for my zen-like behavior.

Today, I did not do fine when the defensive and slightly patronizing service receptionist called to tell me that they couldn’t find any leak so they can’t fix what they can’t find and I can come get my car.   I was speechless.  For about 10 seconds.

“Really? You couldn’t find it?  Because I found it the first time water hit my car.  I told you exactly where it was coming in at?  Can we start there and trace the problem backwards maybe?   Have you tried running it through the car wash once or using a hose or taking it out of the shop and letting it sit in the rain for about ten fxxxxxx minutes?  I mean am I just supposed to bring it home and wait until it rains and then drive the hour back to your shop so I can show you?”

Her ridiculous answer to every question was;  “We can’t fix what we can’t find”.  Every time she said it I wished I had been standing at the counter in front of her so she could see that I had replaced my ‘everythings okayyyyy’ look with my eyebrows planted on the top of my head in what can only be described as the “ARE YOU Fxxxxxx kidding me look”.  It’s the look that makes my husband run to the garage.

So I called the Finance Manager of the car dealership.  We had a nice little chit chat.  An hour later the service department called to tell me they found the leak and I’m on the schedule to have it repaired.  Another miracle I believe.