Because anyone who has ever cooked spinach knows that it practically disappears.  Husband says, “You aren’t fooling me.  I know its in there.”  He’s a trooper.  He’s like Mikey and will eat almost anything I cook.

We’ve decided that as I experiment, mad as I may get, its probably necessary that he be honest with any recipes that make him ill.  Not killing him, then it’s best to keep it to himself and eat.

Today’s lunch is the neighbors garden fresh zucchini, spinach and two cans of my beloved garbanzo beans.  Sautéed in a combination of flax seed oil and grass fed butter with big chunks of garlic.  Smidgen of Himalayan Salt.  Super Simple and Yummy!  The starchiness from the zucchini creates a creamy sauce that sort of (in my fantasy’s) resembles an alfredo sauce and ties it all together.

OH Garbanzo beans.  Makes me think of my Grandma.

When I was in my twenties, my Great Grandmother would call me every day to stop and get her a can of Garbanzo Beans and drop it off on my way home from work.  We’d play a game of ‘marbles’ where she’d proceed to cheat until she won, I’d water her garden, pull a couple of weeds that were driving her crazy and go home.  Every day, for almost the entire year I lived in the same town as her, we did this little Garbanzo Bean dance.  When she passed away and the family went in to clean out her apartment they discovered cupboards and closets full of cans of Garbanzo Beans.

She was a sly old lady and I was slow.  It was a perfect combination for a great evening of gaming and gardening.  🙂