This is positively frightening! Every person in the United States should be freaking out about our current government wanting to dismantle our EPA.

I know a lot of people are  sick and tired of the government and those pesky environmentalists messing with our livelihoods, and I agree rules can be frustrating when it keeps us from making money so we can buy bigger houses and nicer cars or that flat screen TV we’ve been wanting.  Sarcasm aside those jobs also feed the little people.  I get that.

But let’s consider this.   Why was this Nuclear Plant near the Ocean in the first place?  That big vast body of water that swirls around the world and is filled with all kinds of delicate marine life and food for everything.

The answer is simple.  No one told them NO.

So the EPA.  We need those Protections!  If we don’t have something in place  telling Corporations, Business’s & the Humans that run them… ‘NO’… we will end up with the same huge disasters.  Because we are just to stupid and greedy not to let things like this radiation plant happen.

There needs to be rules or people have no boundaries or concept that the planet can only take so much of our foolishness.

Even with the restrictions we have now, research the poisoned water in the U.S. from pipeline spills, coal mines, pesticides etc. It’s not made up and its not fake news. It’s real people having to deal with poisoned streams and wells.

After you research it, sit back and  imagine what it will be like if we don’t have someone drawing some lines. Imagine if there is no EPA telling Corporations that they absolutely can’t dump their toxic waste into our rivers.  Again or anymore.

People want the EPA destroyed because we need the jobs that are created from those sources that can and do cause the poisoning.  That and no one wants to be told what they can and can’t do.

But we need to play the tape forward and look at this radiation spill as the example of what can and does happen when you don’t have those Protections in place. Right now the EPA is the department that is doing that for us.

We need to fight to change what isn’t working. Not dismantle it.