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Dismantle the EPA?

This is positively frightening! Every person in the United States should be freaking out about our current government wanting to dismantle our EPA.

I know a lot of people are  sick and tired of the government and those pesky environmentalists messing with our livelihoods, and I agree rules can be frustrating when it keeps us from making money so we can buy bigger houses and nicer cars or that flat screen TV we’ve been wanting.  Sarcasm aside those jobs also feed the little people.  I get that.

But let’s consider this.   Why was this Nuclear Plant near the Ocean in the first place?  That big vast body of water that swirls around the world and is filled with all kinds of delicate marine life and food for everything.

The answer is simple.  No one told them NO.

So the EPA.  We need those Protections!  If we don’t have something in place  telling Corporations, Business’s & the Humans that run them… ‘NO’… we will end up with the same huge disasters.  Because we are just to stupid and greedy not to let things like this radiation plant happen.

There needs to be rules or people have no boundaries or concept that the planet can only take so much of our foolishness.

Even with the restrictions we have now, research the poisoned water in the U.S. from pipeline spills, coal mines, pesticides etc. It’s not made up and its not fake news. It’s real people having to deal with poisoned streams and wells.

After you research it, sit back and  imagine what it will be like if we don’t have someone drawing some lines. Imagine if there is no EPA telling Corporations that they absolutely can’t dump their toxic waste into our rivers.  Again or anymore.

People want the EPA destroyed because we need the jobs that are created from those sources that can and do cause the poisoning.  That and no one wants to be told what they can and can’t do.

But we need to play the tape forward and look at this radiation spill as the example of what can and does happen when you don’t have those Protections in place. Right now the EPA is the department that is doing that for us.

We need to fight to change what isn’t working. Not dismantle it.


Sad & Ashamed


I am sadly observing the happy reaction of my friends and family as our world spins out of control because of the man they voted into the Oval Office.  I am ashamed.

The last 11 days and the insane chaos that is happening in my country has literally made me feel like I am bursting at the seam.  I don’t know if I want to hide under a pillow or get a plane ticket and go March somewhere.  Anywhere.

I’m not just talking about the chaos that our new President and his band of nitwits has strummed up.  That is almost to mind boggling to process.

I’m talking about every person I know who is supporting it.  That is what’s making me crazy.  It’s breaking my heart.

I’ve come to realize that I really didn’t know 99% of the people I’m friends with.  I really didn’t know my family and maybe I really didn’t even know myself.

I am THAT person who is struggling to continue to be friends with the same people who are excited that Trump is doing what he said he’d do in the campaign.  He is doing ALL of it.  I had hoped, like more than half the country hoped, that he’d be like most Presidents and do almost nothing he promised in the campaign.  Not this time.  He did it all in 11 days.

And his supporters say… BOOM… MIC DROP… take that bad awful Liberals and Democrats who want to share our country with ‘others’ who don’t belong.  America First!  What in the hell does that even mean.  Do you hear yourselves?

To them I say, “How can you NOT see that this is going to hurt you too?  Not just (new) immigrants and Mexicans… but YOU.  YOU are going to suffer economically and you deserve it.  You are going to lose land you hunt and fish on.  You are not going to be able to afford all the material things you love so much more than human life.  Most of you will know someone who dies because they no longer have health insurance.”   Short sighted much?

He pushed America right off the cliff and I’m stunned by how many people jumped willingly.  Look at us fly.  With no parachutes.  To the bottom of the rocky canyon.

So what does a person do with all their friends who are happy about what he’s doing and will do?  Pretend you don’t know they feel that way?  Pretend I don’t care?  Doesn’t that make me a hypocrite?

How can we go back to that ignorant bliss?

I’m just not sure that I can.  I know I’m supposed to.  I know I should.

It might take some time.  I may have to sit back and be quiet and just observe for awhile until I can find that place in my heart where I love them anyway.

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